Here at Lingfield Point, Darlington, we are keen to get not just our 50+ businesses that have chosen to base themselves in our office space, but anyone and everyone in the know about Lingfield Life and just how good it really is!

Come and Join our Neighbourhood..

So, we are now up and running on Facebook and we would like to provide you with a few top tips in how to get the best from our page and also a little incentive as to why you might want to ‘like’ us…

As soon as you have hit that ‘LIKE’ button you are immediately welcomed into the world or Lingfield Life. Our Facebook page provides you with more than just some basic information about us as a business park – it allows you to interact with everything we are up to including events, activities, blogs, recent news and much, much more.

You can keep up to date with our regular blogs and tweets, informing all our followers about what is going on in our neighbourhood. Our most recent examples include our newly bagged artist in residence and our celebratory gift to spread the love to all of our customers – spearmint flavoured Lingfield Life rock!

Our Facebook page also provides you with an at-a-glance guide to what is going on including an up to date list of all of the unique events that take place within our community – from Vintage Tea Dances with Naafi or Bike Amnesty to promote one of our ethical endorsements: sustainability.

The Lingfield Life Facebook page also provides you with our recent offers and information about our offices with soul – what we have available that will best suit you and your business’s requirements.

Get Involved and Get Liking!

It is a fantastic way of reaching new customers and demonstrating how we are unique to other office space providers. We don’t just sell office space – well sell a lifestyle. A family friendly, all-inclusive neighbourhood complete with a ‘Little Lingfields’ nursery and canteen run by Alexander MacMurray open to both our customers and the public. If its culture and character you are after – Lingfield Life is the lifestyle for you!

The power is in your hands – literally! Move that mouse and get clicking,

because without your LIKES we cannot spread our love!


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